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  2021邮政储蓄银行招聘现已进入备考阶段,山东中公教育小编准备了英语科目各类题型试题,供各位考生参考练习,想要取得好成绩就要一步一个脚印,踏踏实实的进行备考。今天带来:2021邮政储蓄银行考试题库:英语科目手游传奇脚本辅助免费 试题练习(二)




  Singapore Airlines plans 传奇世界3d手游日活量 to 私服999 introduce inflight mobile phone and Internet access in 传奇世界时光倒流sfMay this year, 什么传奇sf人多beginning with its sf传奇的命中躲避怎么加flagship sf变态传奇 Airbus A380 fleet.


  Several pricing models 创世者迷失传奇sf网站 are believed to be under consideration, beginning with a low-cost 传奇sf复古版自动打怪脚本 package suitable for Webmail services such as Google Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail as well as a 30MB allowance for around SGD$25 (that’s $20 Aussie and US, and £120 and €14).

  The airline is polling selected members of its KrisFlyer frequent flyer loyalty program to participate “in an online survey about your attitudes towards inflight 传奇sf小地图制作 mobile and Internet services, which we are planning to introduce from May 2011” according to the email invitation.

  The survey asks travellers for their opinions on pricing packages such as SGD$25 for 30MB, as well as if mobile 传奇sf点不npc怎么半 phone calls and 传奇sf win7无法运行 SMS messages should be 热血传奇sf 1.80 横行霸道传奇sf permitted.

  Should 每日新开传奇sf网 passengers be allowed to make and take 迷失传奇sf地狱地图坐标calls at 30,000 feet they’ll pay plenty for the privilege, with calls being 传奇sf打钱挂 仿盛大传奇1.5sf charged at international 传奇sf天宫禁地怎么去 roaming rates.


  As 火龙版本单职业传奇sf it’s up to each country to decide what those rates are — and with 小冰冰传奇手游 Singapore Airlines effectively being its own “country” in terms of providing a fully controlled and self-contained telecoms system on board each plane — those rates could literally be sky high.

  SQ’s inflight Internet and mobile service, which may carry the KrisNet 天王传奇手游郭富城下载brand in keeping with the KrisWorld in-flight entertainment system, is expected to debut on the 轩辕传奇手游血盟宣战 Airbus A380 before being installed onto the airline’s A340-500 and Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

  Passengers will be able to access the Internet on any device from a smartphone 单职业手游传奇三端互通 to a 手游传奇哪个职业 tablet or laptop, as Singapore Airlines 传奇手游盟重通道 will 传奇手游武器幸运值 support connections through both Wi-Fi wireless 传奇手游决战沙城 networking 手游传奇礼品卡代充元宝 (using a series of low-power hotspots located throughout the 热血传奇手游版 九级狗 plane) and 3G (via tiny ‘pico-cell’ stations).

  It will 有人知道热血传奇手游 employ the popular OnAir technology, 手游王者传奇怎么1转 jointly developed by IT company 传奇手游指挥语录 SITA and Airbus, and currently used 传奇世界手游装备获取 by over 20 airlines (including Air New Zealand’s current trial of in-flight Internet) which feeds the wemade热血传奇手游 Wi-Fi and 3G signals through to Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband 手游热血传奇如何交易绑定物品 satellite network.

  18. Which of the following is NOT the purpose of Singapore Airlines’ online survey?

  A. To find out whether short message service should be allowed.

  B. To find out whether mobile calls should 传奇世界热手游攻略 be permitted.

  C. To ask for opinion 王者传奇加速器手游on its pricing models for inflight mobile and Internet 传奇大陆手游正版下载地址services.轩辕传奇手游魅狐用什么灵宠

  D. To 传奇sf怎么找漏洞 understand frequent flyers’ special 传奇sf m2脱机在线 needs.

  19.传奇sf网址被篡改 According to the author, 传奇sf发布网站 迷失连击 the fees for making and taking calls on planes of Singapore 网页版传奇世界sf Airlines will be sky high, because ______.传奇sf单职业用什么客户端

  A. the telecoms system 攻速快的传奇sf employed by Singapore Airlines on board each plane is the best of the breed

  B. Singapore Airlines has a self-contained 路由器传奇sf别人不能上 telecoms system which enables it to set high international roaming rates

  C. the 传奇sf倍攻 calls will be charged at international roaming rates which 传奇SF打开后老是同一个网站 are normally high

  D. it will be a privilege to a small portion of passengers

  20. Which of the following is the proper explanation of the word “literally” (paragraph 6)?

  A. in a sense B. in fact C. in effect D. in particular

  21. From the passage, we know that ______.

  A. Singapore 玩微端的传奇SF地图更新太慢 Airlines’ online survey 传奇sf天马传说 is to be carried out among its 热血传奇sf卧龙版本 registered 传奇sf的仓库物品在哪改 members

  B. 传奇sf最火Airbus A380 sf传奇上不去 will be the first aircraft to be equipped with inflight 新开传世变态传奇sf Internet and mobile service

  C. Singapore Airlines’ inflight Internet sf热血传奇脱机外挂access will be limited to some specific devices

  D. Singapore Airlines will be the first to introduce inflight mobile 洪荒传奇sf phone and Internet access

  22. Which of the following may be the best title for the passage?

  A. Singapore Airlines to charge high international roaming rates

  B. Singapore Airlines to offer 传奇sf发布网站死 different pricing models for inflight mobile and Internet 手游传奇吴京 services

  C. Singapore Airlines to unveil sky high net

  D. Singapore Airlines to conduct online survey

  18.【答案】D。解析:细节题。根据第三段中的…an online survey about your attitudes towards inflight 龙珠传奇之无间道手游 mobile and Internet 传奇一刀流手游 services…以及第四段The survey asks 传奇版手游版 travellers for 手轩辕传奇手游 their opinions on 手游热血传奇狂风斩pricing 手游热血传奇副本 packages… as well as if mobile phone calls and SMS 传奇手游白野猪怎么走 messages 娱美德热血传奇手游 should be permitted.可知A、B、C正确。只有D项传奇世界手游结晶脱换 在文章中没有提到,故答案选D。

  19.【答案】B。解析:细节题。根据题干sky 传奇世界手游灵识宝箱 high可将信息定位在第六段,根据with Singapore Airlines effectively being its own “country” in terms of providing a fully controlled and self-contained telecoms system on board each plane — those rates could literally be sky high可知新加坡航空公司在每架飞机上提供一个完全控制和独立的电信系统,这些设备的费用实际会很高,B项所述与其一致。


  21.【答案】B。解析:细节题。根据第三段中的The airline is 烈焰变态传奇手游 polling selected members of its KrisFlyer frequent flyer loyalty program…可知,该航空公司正在对其KrisFlyer常飞忠诚项目中选出的成员进行调查,所以A项中的is to be carried out among its registered 传奇手游阴阳石分解 members与原文不符(一、时态不符,二、不是registered 热血传奇手游新坐骑 members);根据第一段中的beginning 传奇世界手游官网开区 with its 传奇手游 被怪打死 flagship Airbus A380 fleet可知B项正确;根据倒轩辕传奇手游刺客和法师 数第二段中的Passengers 新开传奇手游私服 will 轩辕传奇手游御灵什么攻击伤害 be able to access the Internet on any 渣渣辉传奇手游版 device…可知C项错误;根据最后一段中的…传奇sf 免费辅助 and 新人气传奇sf currently used by over 20 airlines…可知D项错误。综上可知答案选B。